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Ken Knowlton

I felt sort of tortured by Knowlton’s work. While I find a lot of what he did, and how he was able to do it, quite remarkable, I don’t find myself drawn to it. In fact there are many of his pieces that I find sort of painfully dull. Here’s one that I particularly disliked:

999 Black Dice, Ken Knowlton, 1999.

So, to torture myself, and to face my fears, I decided to recreate it in p5. I ended up having quite a bit of fun, although I can’t say I like the aesthetic of the work any more. I chose to deviate from total recreation for this assignment and instead incorporate some interactivity, pulling source material from my webcam. Because knowlton’s piece is created with real dice, I also spent a good bit of time investigating how to render 3d objects in p5 for the first time. Here’s the result.

A few things I wish it did better: